I think that this bouquet is stunning. What a beautiful combination of fabulous flowers. That is one lucky bride…with very good taste, I might add!

photo from gilly


engagement photos

I would like to redo mine. Can I also have this simply adorable dress?Yes, and I would also like to order one big bunch of heart balloons.

engagement photos
photo from greenweddingshoes

turkey day centerpiece

Great idea for simple thanksgiving centerpieces! Thanks to hostesswiththemostess.

thanksgiving centerpiece

super ferosh

O.k. maybe I am the last one to know…but just in case there are still some who aren’t aware I wanted to share the news! The fierce designer, Christiano Siriano, is designing for Payless. Awesome! Check out the designs available right now. I’ll take the gold flats. I would love a pair of all of his heels…but trying to be practical.







So…have you ever watched the sitcom Accidentally On Purpose. Well, the show may leave something to be desired but the apartment that Jenna Elfman lives in does not. It is fantastic! I would recommend checking out the show simply to check out the colorful, eclectic pad. Many things have caught my eye like how they have placed and hung prints, the spacing and placement of furniture, where they have chosen to put hooks, trinkets, colors, etc… it’s adorable! Check it out if you are seeking inspiration for your own place.

p.s. I haven’t been able to find any photos of it online…except for the super lame one of the shirtless dudes below.


fingerless gloves

Ultra cool apparel for the cooler weather that is moving in. Check out the UK designer on Etsy – Coquelicot Salon.

gloves 1

dress combo

I absolutely love this combo. Beautiful bridesmaid dresses. Fun, funky and and a sweet twist on the traditional matching get-ups.

bridesmaids dresses
photo from greenweddingshoes