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I am completely, totally, seriously obsessed with this room. Apartment Therapy never disappoints. All I have to do is browse the site quickly and I am inspired, excited and ready to create, design and usually re-decorate!

Every detail about this room is adorable but what I have added to my “need to do someday” list is this wall of books. It’s brilliant.

Oh and one little thing about this picture that made me laugh was the vase of flowers on the side table. Who seriously keeps a vase of flowers at that level in a baby’s room?


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I am always looking for ways to maximize the little space we have in our little two bedroom home. This has become even more of an issue with our newest addition (5 month old baby bo). I set out this week to find containers that I could put on top of our refrigerator that would be both cute and functional. I hate the way it looks when there’s just a bunch of junk sitting on the top of a fridge…so this was my attempt at making it look like a semi organized mess. Oh and just fyi – my budget for this project was $20. I started out at The Container Store…found so much GREAT stuff but all pretty expensive…and I just didn’t see what I had in mind. Then it was off to Storables! Jackpot. I found these great green containers (they also come in pink and blue) and the best part is – they were on sale for $6!!! I think they work pretty well. Now the problem is I am sitting here trying to think of where else I could use them because they were such a steal!

And…while at Storables…I also picked up this $2.95 green caddy! It is perfect for all of the diapering supplies, lotions, etc… that I always end up moving from room to room. The typical baby diaper caddies aren’t very cute and they’re all over priced. I love my find.

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How nerdy does this awesome project sound? But really, I promise the result is pretty cool!

I would love a little spot in my kitchen for mail, notes, random papers, etc… but we are already short on counter and cupboard space. I tried to get creative. I usually end up throwing all of my random papers and information up on the fridge with a magnet. I HATE the way all that clutter looks. So, yesterday I came up with the following idea. Take a few plastic page protectors I had lying around, cut them down a bit so they are more of a pocket-size, label them and tape them (or you could use magnets) up on the fridge. Voila! Organized fridge and a place for all of our random shtuff!


End Result:

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spaghetti jars

I really liked this post from Re-Nest about ways to re-use old spaghetti jars. We go through a lot of spaghetti sauce at our house. I really should start saving the jars and using them for storage, gifts & organization. Great ideas.

Top ten ideas from Re-Nest:

1. Water for the dog at the dog park: our dog gets exhausted from all the play, and if BPAs aren’t good for humans, they’re probably not good for her either.

2. A drink shaker or cold drink storage: add some lime juice, fresh ginger, basil or some cucumber to a jar of water, put the lid on and give it a little shake. Then stash in the fridge until you need some refreshment, or use one to make your cold-brew coffee!

3. Breakfast to go: add oatmeal, dried fruit and a little flaxseed to a jar and toss in your pack. Once you’re at work, at some hot water, mix well and enjoy.

4. Leftovers: instant non-plastic, non-leaching, non-staining, BPA-free container for food. Great for soups.

5. Storage of bulk foods: re-use what you’ve got for storing sugar, flour, grains, rice, etc. from your local grocer’s bulk food section.

6. Organization: during our ongoing green renovation, we’ve amassed various screws and nails of all sizes. The jars help keep things organized, are very durable and clear so you can see what’s inside.

7. Gifts: we had an explosion of okra this summer. We shipped off our little darlings in these jars to our happy neighbors.

8. Make your own flavored olive oil: fill a jar with oil, add some herbs like rosemary or lemon verbena, cap tightly and let sit for a few days. Then enjoy over salad or on pasta.

9. Ribbon or string/yarn/twine storage: cut a hole in in the top for a twine dispenser or slit for ribbon dispenser.

10. Piggy bank: cut a slit in the lid, decorate with a ribbon or recycled wrapping paper, and let the cents add up.

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I’m always looking for more storage in our kitchen. I came across this picture on apartment therapy and the baskets hung on the side of the cupboard jumped out at me. Great storage for mail, vegetables, cookbooks – all those things that clutter up your countertop.

hanging baskets - good idea

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A chalkboard sticker for your wall. Cute in an entryway, kitchen, mudroom, kids room, anywhere for that matter!

Wall Candy Arts


cahlkboard 2

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Fortunately, I don’t have to haul all of my clothes to the laundromat…but if I did I would definitely want to be stylin’ with this adorable laundry bag. In fact, I am thinking that this would even be cute hanging in a bedroom or bathroom, or possibly hanging from a crib or changing table. This IS the new hamper!

laundry bag

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