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I made these. They were beyond delicious.

For me, the addition of the cranberry mayonnaise is a MUST and it even makes them all cute and pink too.


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If you’re always looking for easy and delicious meals, follow along!

As I was putting in my weekly coborns delivers order I was searching chicken and saw a whole chicken. I know – fascinating. Well, I don’t EVER buy a whole chicken. I wouldn’t know what to do with it. But , it was a really good price and I thought I would get it and try something new. The chicken arrived on Monday and naturally I did what I do almost daily — searched for recipes! I probably did some awesome google search like “easy recipes for cooking whole chicken in a crock pot.” My husband always laughs at my thorough and sometimes ridiculous google searches. Go ahead. Make fun! Anyway, I found The Happy Housewife Blog and her brilliant recipe for cooking a chicken! I wanted to send you all to her site too! I will do this again in a heartbeat. So easy, so good and the house smells sooo ridiculously yummy!

Image from justeleanor

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You want one don’t you? I know. They’re delicious.

My friend Mackenzie will often throw out some crazy new food, supplement, vitamin, or concoction that she has tried or is trying. To me this one, coconut milk, sounded safe and possibly even delicious. I think I may have even run to Whole Foods that day to pick up a gallon of this milk Mackenzie was raving about. I first tried it in my morning coffee. Heavenly! It was so delicious. Next was a smoothie. Yum!! I was in love. This prompted me to ask Mackenzie if she would be willing to help me with a monthly or bi-weekly post. I am going to ask her to share one thing new that she has tried and I will try it myself and do a post about it! Anxious to see what she comes up with!

My smoothie included all of the ingredients below. I highly recommend you give it a shot!

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I ripped this recipe out of Parents magazine….and altered it a bit to be able to work with what I had at home. It was DELICIOUS and SO easy. You must try!

What you need:
4 links of chicken sausage (i used andouille sausage from trader joes)
1 Tbs. canola oil
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
1 small onion
1/2 tsp. ground tumeric (i didn’t have this so just left it out)
pinch of salt
8 oz. of cooked, peeled shrimp (i used a whole 12 oz bag)
1 8oz. pkg of cooked brown rice (i used 2 pkgs of uncle bens ready rice)
1/4 cup of chicken broth

This seriously took 10 minutes to make once everything was chopped up – here are the steps:

1. heat oil and sausage (cut into small pieces) for a few minutes
2. add the chopped peppers, onion, salt and tumeric to the pan and cook for around 4 minutes – stirring occasionally.
3. stir in rice, broth and shrimp – cook for another 4 minutes or so to heat through.


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black sheep pizza


I dined with a few of the cities greatest ladies lastnight…we were celebrating a birthday at Black Sheep Pizza. I am no food critic but let me just say that we were all a bit dissapointed. After all the hype we felt like it was a let down. I think we would all take Punch over Black Sheep.

We tried two different kinds of Pizza – both o.k. but lacked flavor. They were much better once dipped in ranch dressing! 🙂 The staff and service were less than awesome. Then to top it off they don’t even serve dessert. Not even a scoop of ice cream for us to put a candle in so we could sing to our friend.

Try it if you’d like. I’d just stick with Punch. Should be interesting to see how long Black Sheep lasts. Who knows…maybe we just had a bad order on a bad night.


pizza 2

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Yum! Project wedding has a delicious post on fabulously delectable ideas for hors d’oeurves. Great ideas for a wedding or any dinner party/gathering. Here are a few of my favorites. Now, I just have to convince my wonderfuly talented friend Jenna to make these for me…I surely couldn’t throw together something this delicious & beautiful.

short rib with mashed potatoes

mang shrimp
mango shrimp lollipops

petite pizzas
petite pizzas

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Cucumbers & tomatoes mixed with balsamic, olive oil, and sprinkle of sugar, salt & pepper! The perfect summer treat.

Picture 043

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