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h&m online

H&M has now opened shop on-line! Here’s a list of what I need: this pillow, these paper napkins for our summer picnics & bbq’s, pretty white curtains, zig zag mat, and one of these trench coats for my husband – hot!

Aren’t you pumped that you can now order H&M online? I am – mostly because shopping in the H&M store makes me crazy, it always looks like a tornado just whipped through and there are long. lines. ALL. the. time.

What are some of your favorite items? Do you like their new home line?


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Sequined Tote

I’m loving this sequined tote right now. Want it!

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Hallelujah and about damn time! Forever 21 is coming out with a maternity line.

It’s the most perfect pairing — Cute maternity clothes at very affordable prices! Every pregnant woman wants to look cute but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe that will only last you weeks, months at best not to mention everything you bought will now be out of style when you’re ready for #2, #3, #4….! Your body changes weekly and so do styles and trends so I am thrilled that we will now have, what I hope will be, a plethora of trendy, cute & comfy maternity clothes from Forever 21!

Yes, I am unbelievably excited about this new maternity line but no, believe it or not, it’s not reason enough for me to work on baby #2. So, for those of you who are sportin’ the baby bump let me know if you give the Forever 21 maternity line a try! I’d love to hear reviews.

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So many great finds on etsy. Here’s a great tie dye “shop” I stumbled upon – tiemee! Loved quite a few things that I saw…but these two might be my faves.

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Just received my Gap, black, skinny pants in the mail! They are ridiculously comfortable. They’re as comfy as leggings but have a more structured look. They’ve got serious stretch…so take the advice that almost all of the reviews give – order one size smaller than what you normally would. I ordered a regular because the ankle length was sold out in my size. I needed the ankle. A regular is too long for this 5′ 4″ bod. I might break out some of that stitch witchery and “hem” them myself.

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And so it begins…Wedding Season. Now what the heck does a girl wear?

I was with my mom this week when she picked up this dress at Nordstrom. It is so cute on her! I want to steal it. Now, those of you who might be attending the same weddings as my dear mother….don’t get me in trouble for sharing too much and show up in this same dress. We women all know what a disaster that is. We would smile and say “great minds think alike!” Cha. Right.

And for my 50 friends that are expecting…I thought this was adorable.

There were many more cute dresses we came across but I’m tired. Maybe I’ll post more later. I’m sure you can hardly wait.

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an updated l.l.bean

While briefly sorting through yesterday’s mail the L.L.Bean Signature Collection catalog caught my eye. It looked different. I was curious. I flipped through and was pleasantly surprised. It’s a tad boring…but I think that’s their deal…just focus on good basics. Their new signature collection reminded me a lot of the old school J.Crew. My favorite piece in this collection…the Mariner Leather Purse shown in the first picture.

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