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The cutest little girls deserve the cutest little parties! Olive got just that. Megan, Olive’s mama, put together a darling, vintage inspired party with the sweetest pink details. And I was lucky enough to get to do a few centerpieces and flower arrangements for this precious party.


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We had a nice Labor Day weekend! A good mix of productive and relaxing.

Bo spent the day with his dad…

…while I worked on centerpiece mock-ups.

We took Bo to Pottery Barn Kids to “play” with their cool toys! Should I feel bad this is the second time I have taken him there in a week? They might start charging me admission. He loves it.

Oh, and we made dairy free cupcakes. A trial run for Bo’s 1st birthday celebration. They were delicious!

Did you have a nice weekend? Do anything fun?

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Hallelujah and about damn time! Forever 21 is coming out with a maternity line.

It’s the most perfect pairing — Cute maternity clothes at very affordable prices! Every pregnant woman wants to look cute but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe that will only last you weeks, months at best not to mention everything you bought will now be out of style when you’re ready for #2, #3, #4….! Your body changes weekly and so do styles and trends so I am thrilled that we will now have, what I hope will be, a plethora of trendy, cute & comfy maternity clothes from Forever 21!

Yes, I am unbelievably excited about this new maternity line but no, believe it or not, it’s not reason enough for me to work on baby #2. So, for those of you who are sportin’ the baby bump let me know if you give the Forever 21 maternity line a try! I’d love to hear reviews.

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It appears to be a popular search: pregnant belly, baby bellies… Those words have been constantly appearing in my most frequently searched section of the blog. There must be a lot of babies baking this time of year! I know Bo is expecting about 10 new friends within the next 5 months. Crazy.

The whole pregnant belly search made me think back about how huge my belly was especially when compared to that of my friend, Greta. Just insane how women can carry so differently. Our due dates were 7 DAYS apart…she was due BEFORE me. Our babies were actually born only two days apart. Greta (on the right in the first picture) gave birth to a little girl weighing 6lbs 8oz. I (on the left in the first picture) gave birth to a little boy weighing 6lbs 15oz. I could have sworn my baby was going to be a 10lb’er. I Guess I just took too many trips to DQ last summer. Ahhhh….but it was fun!

This is so random. I am aware. I just spent a while reminiscing as I looked at the most commonly searched words. It was fun.

How’s your baby belly? Dare to share pics?

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Just a few more photos from Jaxon and Avery’s western themed birthday bash. I, of course, forgot to take photos – so luckily mama Schneider snapped a few of the centerpieces and Bo and his buddy/birthday girl Avery!

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summer sun

All of this great spring weather and the sunshine has me dreaming of summer days. Can’t wait till we can spend more time outside, in swimsuits, soaking up the sun! Bo will nap and take in the fresh air, I will sit in the kiddy pool and sip margaritas! 🙂 The warm weather does wonders – it’s so rejuvenating! We’re all happier when the sun is out.

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I am always looking for ways to maximize the little space we have in our little two bedroom home. This has become even more of an issue with our newest addition (5 month old baby bo). I set out this week to find containers that I could put on top of our refrigerator that would be both cute and functional. I hate the way it looks when there’s just a bunch of junk sitting on the top of a fridge…so this was my attempt at making it look like a semi organized mess. Oh and just fyi – my budget for this project was $20. I started out at The Container Store…found so much GREAT stuff but all pretty expensive…and I just didn’t see what I had in mind. Then it was off to Storables! Jackpot. I found these great green containers (they also come in pink and blue) and the best part is – they were on sale for $6!!! I think they work pretty well. Now the problem is I am sitting here trying to think of where else I could use them because they were such a steal!

And…while at Storables…I also picked up this $2.95 green caddy! It is perfect for all of the diapering supplies, lotions, etc… that I always end up moving from room to room. The typical baby diaper caddies aren’t very cute and they’re all over priced. I love my find.

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